Nanotechnology – Next Generation in Waxes.

For Boaters, Car Owners and Sports Enthusiasts!

Nanotechnology the buzz word for today. It’s been used in a variety of different industries in a huge array of ways. The medical industry, cell phones, and computers all deal with nanotechnology — Even the TV show Revolution deals with nanos.

So what is nanotechnology? It is technology or techniques based on a scale of less than 100 nanometers. That means that whatever nanotechnology is it occurs on a microscopic scale, and cannot be seen by the human eye. There may be nanotechnology robots or circuits used in cell phones. Nanotechnology not only benefits medicine and technology companies — it can also be used to help protect and shine cars and boats.

Nanotechnology is used to care for materials for a simple reason. Traditionally cars, boats, stone, and tools have been cleaned, protected, and shined using waxes and polishes. These traditional products missed tiny spaces that humans couldn’t see and thus, weren’t as affective as they could be. That’s why we brought in nanotechnology. With nanotechnology that problem is solved, with the product working on a microscopic level to fill in those tiny holes with product.

Our products WOW! Finish and Nano-Prime do this very thing, and are easy to use products. They incorporate nanotechnology and can be used to care for, protect, and shine unfinished stone, boats, cars, or anything else that needs protecting.

Nanotechnology Boat and Car Finish

WOW! Finish $20.00

Nanotech Primer

Nano-Prime $20.00

Nanotech sample pack

Intro Pack $10.00


Nanotech WOW! Introductory Pack – Protection that lasts. 


Intro Pack $10.00

NanoTech Intro Pack -  Try it out and see the great results of Nanotechnology! The value pack is available at the low, low price of $10.00 for a limited time and includes the following:

  • 3 oz spray bottle of WOW! Finish
  • 3 oz spray bottle of Nano-Prime
  • Micro Fiber Polishing Cloth

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