Nanotechnology – Next Generation in Waxes.

For Boaters, Car Owners and Sports Enthusiasts!

Nanotech WOW! is the top of the line in detailing products for boats, cars, aircraft and everything in between! It uses high tech micro particles to coat, seal and protect any surface, leaving it looking shiny and fantastic. WOW! products represents a revolution in detailing products and outshines every other kind of wax or polish on the market!

Boat Finish

WOW! Finish

Boat bottom protection


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Car and Boat Wax

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Nanotech WOW! Finish – Protection that lasts. 

NanoTech Finish, a car detailer and boat bottom protection that has thousands of other uses. The product is unique in that its nanotechnology delivery system reduces the “polishing” solids to penetrate the surface it is applied by 80%, where most common polishes and waxes only penetrate 20%, and are exposed to easily wearing or washing off.   Order Now!

Try our sample pack at the low, low price of $10.00 for a limited time only.  Includes:

  • 3 oz spray bottle of WOW! Finish
  • 3 oz spray bottle of Nano-prime
  • Micro fiber polishing cloth.